- “Is all your stock authentic?” All our items our 100% authentic new with tags sourced from authorised vetted suppliers in Italy (some of whom have direct accounts with the brands you see), this is clearly shown in the photos on the website, Whites Fashion Limited is a VAT registered Limited Company, it is against the law to sell counterfeit stock. We are happy for you to take our stock into any shop and get authenticated.


- ”Is all your stock new?” All our stock is brand new with tags.


- “What do you have in stock?” All the stock we have is on our website.


- “Do you still have this item?” All available stock is on our website, However we are happy to answer any questions regarding current stock.


- “How do I purchase from you?” Via website, direct message, email or payment plan however the website will always be the easiest & quickest method for any prospective customer.


- “What payment methods do you accept?” PayPal goods & services, Bank Transfer 

- “Do you have this item in a size......?”  If it doesn’t state your size on the website then we don’t have it, However we do have new stock arriving daily to drop us a message

- “What are delivery times?” Depends on the method you chose at checkout, 1-3 working days, we offer special next day delivery if needed.

- “Where do you get your stock from?” No business in the world is going to hand out supplier information, under no circumstances will we tell customers who our suppliers are or give out supplier invoices.

- “Why is your stock under RRP?” It’s previous season stock or bought in high volume bulk, we sell everything under RRP, it’s against brands rules to sell new season stock under RRP and they could potentially sue companies like ours as they believe it devalues their brand & leads to a loss of business for competitors. 

- “Can you get this item for me?” We are not personal shoppers however, if you have seen the item on our page before we are more than happy to make a note.


If you do have any further questions we endeavour to reply to all messages asap so don't hesitate to drop us a message.